Some awesome people

Let’s talk seriously…

When I came in USA, I was focus ! My first goal was to improve my english. Of course, I wanted to meet people because I couldn’t imagine being lonely a whole year in a different country. But I was not expecting to meet great friends. For me,  meet just nice people, not event real friends, was already a good option.

You see, I was not expecting you, girls.

And then, you came to me.

I met all of you : Melissa from Mexico, Marta and Ania from Poland, Luisa and Lorena from Columbia, Anna-Sophie from Austria and Sina from Germany…

And now that I know you, I can say we are friends, I cannot imagine how this year  would be without all our « AWESOME » moments.


I like to be here, I like to discover this incredible country but when there are bad days, when I am not sure of what I am doing here (Do I take care of kids ? oh yeah, sure !), I remember you. And you makes me feel like home.

You are my strength, my crazy laughters, my medecine to my bad moon. I am feeling so lucky to be your friend.

Don’t change anything, please ! Just keep on in this way.

I will follow you everywhere (isn’t it Marta ?).

I mean, almost « everywhere »… Anyway you know what I mean.



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